Many prospects are out there – just waiting for you


it is true and a fact that there are millions of prospects waiting to

find an interesting opportunity and you are there to let them in.

These prospects are people and they come with different attitudes, skills and

different qualities.

There can be the one that will make you rich because he is the right typ.

Because people are different we need different methods of prospecting.

Find the way that is the most comfortable for you to find new prospects.

You easily can find out what your prospects like (telephone, skype, in-person prospecting,

run ads or promotion via social media). It does not matter how they want to prospect, more

important for them is to find a way that works for them.

In SFI we have 103 marketing methods to address our prospects. It is your choice to send out E-cards to friends and family members or tho distribute TC Gift Cards alike.

You can access the marketing center here:

All to your success!

Best wishes to you

Friedrich Fritz

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