Hello Entrepreneurs!

Today I want to draw your attention to DUPLICATION. We are working all together in one team and whatever you do will be seen by others in your group – everyone should know that they are playing a significant role. What they perform should be duplicated.

Duplicating your actions means: that you lead by example and your group members are following your actions:

a) Sponsoring new affiliates

b) Making sales

c) mentoring prospective leaders

Achieve a high degree

Achieving all these you need to be present every day and complete your daily actions first, then you have time to promote your business. For promotion use your Gateways. You can use your Gateways by choosing either SFI Gateways, TripleClicks Gateways, Pricebender, Eager Zebra Games, etc.. The list of your Gateways can be seen here .

You need training and for that reason I am your sponsor and you are the sponsor of your team.

Two resources of income

There are residual income and Leverage. Let us define these two resources of income. Residual Income is making money continously from an action or set of actions you did only once that is sponsoring that alone will make you money, because all you have to do is help them to sign up and then from there you will make money.

Leverage means making money from the work of other people in your downline. So as long as your affiliates are accumulating Vps, and also sponsoring and duplicating then you will make even more money than just accumulating Vps and selling products.

Put all your eggs in one basket

Don’t overstress yourself – just do the same actions every day: your To-Do-List, Marketing through placing adds and your gateways. The internet helps you a lot – but you need to focus on a good ranking in the search enginges, too. That is why Marketing Online has more chances then an Offline Store. The audience you address are greater. With placing adds in the internet you speaking to many thousands prospects – and the one or other will sign-up!

Use the Earning Calculator

The Earning Calculator can be found here:

For instance: if you sponsor 1 PSA and your PSA sponsors also 1 PSA will bring you estimated commission pf $327.60 per year. These Affiliates should become EA each month.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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