Always have enough Tcredits

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Hello Readers!

Today I want to draw your attention to the meaning of TCredits.

Purchase TCredits

The other thing I want to write about is the meaning of Tcredits. Everyone needs Tcredits

when they want to contribute to Triple Clicks, Pricebender, Eager Zebra games, Uber Picks etc.

For voting in the monthly music contest you need Tcredits and for member listings, too.

TCredits are a special TripleClicks currency A nice overview on how to use TCredits can be found here: .

Say ‘thank you’ for your best movers and give them TCredits

For the motivation of your good working movers you can give away up to 10 Tcredits. For doing this, go to your Genealogy and chose Tcredits (the last tab) – then just chose your mover and click on ‘Transfer Tcredits’. A window opens and chose the amount of Tcredits you want to give away. That is all.

Earn big commission with selling TCredits

As TCredits is the ultimative currency in Triple Clicks you can offer TCredits to third parites

and earn really big commission. For instance: you can earn $75.00 extra and more per month if you just sell 8-200 Tcredits packs per month or just two per week and your customers have the chance to get brand-name products for up to 99 % off retail!

How to advertise TCredits

Simply advertise Tcredits the same way you would promote a product from your ECA etc.

Your focus is on selling TCredits that will be used to place bids.

Promote the ‘Winners List’ by using this Gateway http://

Use social Media

Consider to use dynamic banners fromm and

add it on your personal website and your blog (like WordPress or Google+).

Then you can set a link from Facebook or Twitter to your homepage, blog etc and offer these Tcredits to your followers and to your friends.

Use your own words

Every Pricebender auction has a cool little contest attached to it called ‘Pick the price (PTP)’.

Invite your friends and followers to play this game (offer them a TC-gift card with 6 free Tcredits incuded). You need TC Gift Cards? Order them here:

If you want a free gift card – just sent me your email and you will receive one for FREE.

It has always proved to use your own words because it works like a footprint or a seal.

You can write advertising text from others or you can put in your own words – please do not simply copy and paste advertising text. (because it might be illegal in some countries).

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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