Joyful, joyful Christmas Time is here

Dear Networkers,

still 59 days to go and to work and then we will have Christmas Eve. The days become shorter and the nights become longer – we use candles in the evening and we are preparing our hearts and our souls for the arriving of Jesus Christ.

We think about in this bleak season and make ourselves comfortable by the fire and we think of those who we want to give presents. TripleClicks comes here at the right time – because there are waiting the coveted gifts.

We are looking for Christmas presents and we obtain a search result by 546 articles and we are looking for Xmas so we get even a result of 5673 articles.

There ae toys for the children, Jewellery for our loved ones, small technical items for electronics enthusiasts, things to decorate the Christmas tree and for a cozy feast and more.

Chose the item you would like and order them now, before it is too late!

Here are the items for Xmas:

and for Christmas are here:

It is worth promoting these articles on your homepage and on your Traffic Exchangers. The most items are sold by ECAs. Make sure you connect first with the ECA, then look below the page and you see SFI Affiliate Information. There you find the ECA’s url together with your SFI-ID.

By using this referral link you have the chance to maximize your commissios.

Recommended tip for advertising

Use Triple Clicks Banner Generator: .

List all item after item by using the item’s number and at the end click on CONTINUE. The result is the html code for your banner. Place this banner on your homepage and on your favourite promotion sites.

Here I give an example of how it might look.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

List Price $1490
Our Price: $860
You save $630.00
Not a TripleClicks Member? Learn more about the many benefits HERE.

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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