Content is king

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to the new month of November and welcome to all new sign-ups.

Today I will write about Content.

Before we buy something in the internet we need enough information of that

special product we want – so we read the product-reviews.

Some of these reviews were written by people with a negative personality and we emphasize
the product as negative and therefore we step away from buying it. Nevertheless the product could be better than the reviews told us.

On the other hand, if we read a positive review with a decent content we are more likely to buy that product – even we can not measure the crediblity of that review and the one who wrote it.

Customer tailored content

When we offer our items for sale we need a discription about it. It must be interesting and entertaining – thus bringing more results for us. We can use our camera and make a video and
explaining exactly why this product has so much value for the consumer.

Then we can use social media to offer the product to the customer.  Viewers like to pick up on incidental things in the background of these videos. They will feel like it is their own discovery rather than something being pushed at them.  Be subtle. Be confident. Let the product or service you are ultimately trying to promote speak for itself. People like to make discoveries rather than being spoon fed their consumer choices.

But, more importantly, try to motivate your followers to include your product or service in their videos. Motivate your followers to discuss it. Listen to their input. Give them the creative reins. Let your followers generate content for you. That is “customer generated content.”

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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