Holiday recruiting questionable?


Today I want to focus on recruiting people.

As you have seen and learnt: we need to extend our business and we need more people to join below us. If we look up thoese Marketing Aids for SFI the most important reasons are listed there:

People are worried about their paycheck

People have debts

People like the internet as an opportunity to work from home

People have worries about the economy in their country
People think about their retirement

All these people want improvements – they need a better life with prosperity.
They will talk about these things when they congregate at parties for the next 8 weeks.

They have plenty of time – which is an advantage, too.

As they talk to us we can offer them much for improvement. We ask them the following question:

„Hey, we can have this same conversation, same place, same time, next year. Or, we can sit down and do something now to change your situation. Which one is more comfortable for you?“

That is all. Wait how they re-act. If they decide to change, they have made a decision and you
can recruit them to SFI, give them your link and they will start to improve their life.

If they have made another decision, it is okay too. Give them your Triple Clicks Gift Card and invite them to play Eager Zebra games.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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