Be obliged daily

Hello Entrepreneurs,

There are 2 sites where you can review your actions.
The one is your TO-DO-List with all the actions you should complete every day.

When you have completed these actions and collected the VersaPoints schedulled, you see the entry in the VP-Ledger.

Start each day with your login in your homepage and complete one action after another. This is you daily habit.

We are here to collect as much VersaPoints as possible. After we have completed the daily actions we go to weekly and monthly actions. We complete them and then we promote business.

Promote Uber-Picks now

They are several millions sports fans in the world – they all should know about Uber-Picks. I find it interesting that we all make the following advertisement in social media (Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin) around the world. All you need to do is copy and paste! Please replace the (XXXXXX) with your SFI-ID. For Twitter you need to limit the text down to the allowed characters.

Play Uber-Picks now

Compete with fans around the world

for great prizes, badges and the top spots on the

Uber-Picks leaderboard! No purchase necessary to

play or win.

Chose your gift for Christmas now

Yes – Christmas is in 4 weeks and you should make your order soon, considering deliverytime.
Nevertheless you can chose to take digital gifts, which you can order any time.


If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

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