46 new E-Cards debut!

New E-Cards added – what a surprise

SFI News

NewAtSFI-FBWe’re pleased to make available today 46 new Affiliate cards, and three brand new categories!

The new categories are:

  • “GREAT JOB!” (4 new cards)
  • “HOLIDAY” (28 new cards representing a wide variety of holidays)
  • “HELLO” (5 new cards)

Additionally, we’ve added 9 new designs to the “WELCOME” category. We hope you enjoy using these new cards!


  1. From any Affiliate Snapshot, just just choose an E-Card category and then click the blue “Send” button.
  2. OR…you send E-Cards directly from your Genealogy. Just click the Communications tab from your Genealogy report. In the Send E-Card column, select the type of E-Card you want to send from the dropdown menu for the affiliate of your choice, and click the Send button. TIP: Use your Genealogy filters to select specific groups of people who you want to send a specific card and message to.


After choosing your E-Card design, you’ll then be directed to…

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