We are one team – one family

Hello  Entrepreneurs,

Today I want to point out why we are work all together – in one team – one family.

SFI is not only a business platform – it is rather be a social network with business attitudes. The Forum makes it possible to communicate with other members and have their opinion and/or advices.

If you have not yet discussed things that matter you are invited to try it out soon. Find the latest threads on ALERTS. Or you can access the FORUM here: https://www.sfimg.com/forum/

Just click and join the discussion. You’ll be surprised at the positive impact this has on your business.

From promotion to duplication

I think I find it worth to promote Triple Clicks Gift Cards this following week. If we do all the same promotion – it will have a big impact (because you can increase your hit tracking stats).

Before that make sure you have a WordPress blog or Google+ blog. If not go to WordPress.com and open a new blog or go to Blogger.com to open a new blog for Google+.. Pay attention to their terms and conditions. This is only a matter of minutes and both are free.

Also you should have ordered and received a pack of digital Triple Clicks gift cards. If not, order them here. https://www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=173941 .

Marketing Aids

Please go first to Marketing Center >Triple Clicks >chose any kind of banners that you like and click on PREVIEW . Copy and paste the html code into your own WordPress or Google+ blog.

Promote your blog to Social Media

Then invite your followers in Facebook and Twitter (Pinterest, Linkedin etc) to read your blog and to take action! Ask them to give their Email-Address to you and with this Email-Address you can sent a digital gift card to your followers.

If you are unsure you can click here: http://chilichote.com/

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


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