Save time and money

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Each week I discuss another topic. Be inspired and motivated at the same time. I want to help you to generate added value for your business.

It is your business and you determine whether you have success alone.

The amount of time and money determines whether the business is successful or rather not. The aim should be to generate a small investment of time and money the greatest yield.

We spend a lot of time to learn things that are important to us. But we can plan this time. You could plan, for example, read every day an hour and learn the essential things.

Apply what you have learned

For our business we need to implement what we have learned and for that we also put an hour or two. During this time we are promoting our business. We write advertisements and publish them on the Web and print flyers out.

Make research

We conduct research on the Internet to find our special niche. We know our customers and understand their needs.
Focused we offer our goods and services. If advertising costs money, we plan a budget and keep track of whether the advertising is successful or rather not. Then we adjust our investment of time and expenditure.

If we then turn off the computer, we take our flyers from the printer, tape and hang it to the scoreboards our popular supermarkets.

We need for the business a lot of patience, because the success takes some time until it is established.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


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