Independent and free


today I want to share with you what I see today with my own eyes.

We here in SFI have our business – one Affiliate by one Affiliates – have it and it is my business and it is your business.

How many attention do you owe to your business

It is said that we need about 20-30 minutes per day in the beginning. That is exactly what I did: doing every morning my To-Do-List, then wait until evening and promote business.

After one year you need more time – but you will feel how magniciant your business can be. When you see your comission pay check increase you automatically will pay more attention.
You are independent

As you are the creator of your business you are independent. You can decide what you like and see if it works. They are 2 options: either it works or it won’t. Look for alternatives.

If you receive a monthly salary you know what I mean. In a 5-days-40-hours-per-week you are not independent. You have to follow rules: be on time, fulfill the plans of the employer, be well dressed,

shaved and perform your work with quality and within a given time.

As an Affiliate you have 7-days-1-hour-per-day-week you have also rules, fulfill your plans, reach your goals. YOU ARE INDEPENDENT!

You are free

Decide what is right or wrong for you.
Invest time – invest money and speak to people.
Assist your group and bring them toward success.

To be independent and free is the biggest gift todays’ internet has given to all of us. Thanks und Respect!

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz


New Fast-Track Extensions program

This is another big sponsoring tool

SFI News

h-fasttrackWe are very excited today to announce a new program for firing up your team!

Here’s how it works:

In your Genealogy, on the OTHER tab, there is now a new Fast-Track column.  For all eligible PSAs (i.e. those not already Fast-Track Gold or in the current standard Fast-Track window), you can now extend to them a special 72-hour window to become a Fast-Track member (or upgrade from Silver to Gold) by simply clicking the “Extend FT” link located in the new Fast-Track column.

>>> Get fully up to speed on the Fast-Track program HERE.

Upon issuing a Fast-Track extension, your PSA will receive a special email from SFI alerting them to your generous offer, what they need to do to go Fast-Track, and the deadline for acting.

Once they’ve taken the necessary action (e.g. a $20 purchase/sale or setting up a 1500 VP Standing Order within the 72-hour window)…

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10 reasons why being a Team Leader rocks!

It helps for our best movers in our team

SFI News

screenshot_193Success sure is sweet! Just ask anyone who’s ever built a successful business. In SFI, your potential for success really amps up once you reach the rank of Team Leader.  Not only do you expand your access to several income streams, you achieve a MAJOR step toward building a long-term, successful business!

Of course, ALL Affiliates get access to SFI’s free training, marketing tools, compensation opportunities, and other goodies, but here are 10 MORE reasons why being an SFI Team Leader really rocks:

1. More Free TCredits every month!

Every Team Leader gets up to 24 FREE TripleClicks TCredits every month to use for member listings, to bid on Pricebenders Auctions, to participate in contests, play games, download songs from TripleClicks Music, and more.

2. More shares in the TC Executive Pool!

In addition to one TripleClicks Executive Pool share for every VP earned that every Affiliate gets…

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We work daily from home

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Today I want to share with you what I have learnt from ASK SC

The question is: quote If you are not good at approaching people face to face, what are some tips to improve in this area? unquote

Talking to people is not easy – especially if you talk about your business. But remember: this business is from people to people (it is a P-to-P-business.) We need people and people need a business in order to have improvements in their life.

Dont’t be afraid and know your business – make notes on paper and say some words in front of a mirror. Always smile and look into your eyes. Do you believe what you are saying?

We need Team Leaders

Team leaders are not born – it requires no special talents. Rather, it requires honesty and persuasiveness. They say here in Germany: if three meet, then one accepts the conversation and begins to talk.

Start with a short story

Talk about your personal experience or you can use a story about someone else. Be fully engaged and reach the prospects’ minds. That means they stop thinking about you – they just focus on the story.

Then talk about SFI. Start with ‘I am working from home for the wonderful SFI Company which is started by wonderful Mr. Gery Carson a couple of years ago and which has helped many people to improve their life with awesome support and training. It is realistic that you can be a part of that company too’.

All to your success

Best wishes

Friedrich Fritz

Happy New Year!

Dear Entrepreneurs,

today I would like to refer to the New Years message from Gery Carson,
SFI President and Founder. It  can reviewed  here:

Are we really ready?

SFI corporate is the big team behind us and we should be thankful that we can trust 100 % to their incredible preparedness in the company and in us – the Affiliates. Nothing would work as it does without such a big team! They want us to build something great in 2016 and we should be proud being a part of SFI.

Be engaged with the big improvements

These are the 5 improvements that are important to each of us:

It is worth reading and studying each article and be engaged from the next moment.

If there’s anything I can help you with, don’t hesitate to ask

All to your success

Best wishes
Eigene Unterschrift

New Years message from Gery

SFI – they are thinking onward

SFI News

screenshot_980To: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson, SFI President & Founder

Are you ready…to build something GREAT in 2016?

We are!

It should be obvious, but we have an incredible team here at SFI Corporate…and in 2015 our guys and gals delivered more goodies in a single year than I can ever recall.  And after more than three decades in business, that’s saying something!

Seriously, if you’ll page through all of the (many!) announcements for 2015 here at…and really take the time to digest each addition…you’ll conclude, like I have, that 2015 was truly a banner year!

And look an what we’ve added already for 2016!…

Is there any other company out there delivering more–and more often–for their partners (that means YOU, our affiliates) than SFI?  Yes, I’ll put SFI up against any other company in our industry!

I hope…

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New simpler VersaPoints rules!

It is awesome – SFI let us rock

SFI News

Simpler is always better, and that’s why were pleased today to announce that we’re no longer requiring our affiliates to distinguish between AVP (Action VP) and SVP (Sales VP) for their qualifications.

All points are now simply VersaPoints!

If your rank goal is EA (Executive Affiliate), you simply need to, as always, generate a minimum of 1500 VP using any combination of actions, sales, and/or purchases as listed on your To Do List.

If you’re a Team Leader, you’ll still be required to have a minimum of 1500 VP each month from any combination of sales and/or personal purchases.  But that’s as complicated as it gets now…which isn’t very complicated at all!  For the rest of your VP requirements, it’s completely up to you!  You can use any combination of actions, sales, and/or purchases as listed on your To Do List.

And for Team Leaders, there are no longer any…

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