New Years message from Gery

SFI – they are thinking onward

SFI News

screenshot_980To: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson, SFI President & Founder

Are you ready…to build something GREAT in 2016?

We are!

It should be obvious, but we have an incredible team here at SFI Corporate…and in 2015 our guys and gals delivered more goodies in a single year than I can ever recall.  And after more than three decades in business, that’s saying something!

Seriously, if you’ll page through all of the (many!) announcements for 2015 here at…and really take the time to digest each addition…you’ll conclude, like I have, that 2015 was truly a banner year!

And look an what we’ve added already for 2016!…

Is there any other company out there delivering more–and more often–for their partners (that means YOU, our affiliates) than SFI?  Yes, I’ll put SFI up against any other company in our industry!

I hope…

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