Grow a second income

Hello Entrepreneurs,

I wish you a wonderful new month. February is here – well it is a cool month.

Still winter – but when you see outside – spring is spreading. The migratory birds return,
slowly but surely. Today I saw the first Heron. Daffodils and snowdrops bring through the barren earth forth their blossoms.

Here in the Rhineland we celebrate Carnival. With masks, drums and trumpets we want to chase away the winter. This is a tradition here and in other parts of the world is not imagine a year without carnival.

So let me have a forecast regarding SFI and your Network Marketing business.

Do you know, that recent surveys of workers and retirees show that more than 25 %

of them have less than $1000,00 saved for the ‘golden years’?

This means that is more likely that these people need an extra income. With SFI you are on the right side – if you committed yourself to this business and focus on building a relationship with

your business. Just focus on the persons who retire from work and everyone knows that the savings for the ‘golden years’ will not be enough to hold-up the quality of life.


In SFI Marketing Aids we find special copywriting, banners and e-cards to respond to this specific user group. Use them frequently in your promotion. SFI is good for all ages and generations.

My tip for promotion

Copy and paste the banner, titled ‘Worried about your retirement’


When someone asks you about the free tokens, you can hand them one of your

TripleClicks Gift Cards… or gget their mailing address to mail them a card or their

e-mail address to send them the gift card redemption code and affiliate link.

Best promotion to you

Friedrich Fritz

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