It’s working!!

Yes – that is right: Let us build something great!

SFI News

A special memo from SFI Founder Gery Carson

screenshot_1050Our new focus on duplication is working!  And with the help of powerful, new resources like Milestone Shares, Designated Diamonds, Fast-Track Extensions, and more, we’re seeing a lot of exciting new activity bubbling up.  Very exciting!

For example, through just the new Designated Diamond program, over 1200 affiliates already have committed to becoming Diamond Team Leaders within in the next five years!  That means…

  • 6,000 new PTLs
  • 24,000 new GTLs
  • 72,000 new STLs
  • 144,000 new BTLs

In total, that’s a whopping 247,200 Team Leaders soon to be roaming the halls of SFI Nation.  And there will, of course, be many, many more affiliates committing to become Diamond Team Leaders as we move forward.

And no doubt, many of these coming new Team Leaders–and all the growth that will come with it–will be in YOUR downline…or are in your…

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