Marketing Center will assist you

Hello Entrepreneurs,

Today my topic is about
the Marketing Center which can help you in many ways:

1st to generate sales from ECAs and through TripleClickd

2nd to generate more prospects, they can become your new PSAs or your new PRMs.

3rd to invite people to play Eager Zebra games
4th to invite people to participate in Pricebenders Penny auctions

Please access the Marketing Center here:

Marketing Methods

Learn different methods for you as a beginner, as an Intermediate or as an Advanced and you will see how easy it is to use the best Marketing method for you. Start instantly and promote your business. Tell your friends and family to check out TripleClicks – give them your URL

Marketing Aids

First have an overview about the Programs you can promote. If you want more PSAs, use

the SFI section. You see banners, E-cards, Facebook tools etc. Banners have different sizes, just chose the size you want to use and place it on your most popular website. This can be your blog, your own website, classified free ads or paid ads site. You don’t know where to advertise? Just sent me your email and I will recommend you some for free.

Start with ‘Deal of the Day’

There are three banners available at the moment. They are dynamic banners because they are
updating automatically every day. For your help I chose this one: Click on one banner and
you see the html code.


Then copy the code and place it on your favourite sites. That is all. Watch your incoming hits with the Hit Tracking Tool: . You will see how your business is growing as more and more people will see your offerings and a few will become either your PSA or your PRM.


Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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