The head is suddenly empty

Dear Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new Affiliates who have joined my team recently and longer. You belong
to my Network team and I am glad that we can share our time together. Now, I will give you
some outstanding tips when your mind stops you from doing something.

Avoid Pressure

Our brain is a huge power engine and it happens quite frequently that nothing works. We have no more good ideas. There is zero inspiration – then please don’t press. Your creativity can neither be prescribed nor blackmailed.

The way to lucid moment rarely leads through a spiritual martyrdom, much more often arises innovation through a kind of fermentation process

Take a few suggestions, distract yourself, speak with colleagues or friends about it and let simmer (common) thought bubble and unfold the impossible.

Tickle your senses

Creativity is rarely the result of a single moment. Although we like to talk from the Inspiration, but the same occurs in fleeting appearance as its namesake.

The major innovative breakthroughs in history were rather the consequences of persistent thoughts cascade. And a few tricks to tickle the senses and excite so the gray cells.

1st Brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand.
2nd Drive a different route to work than usual.
3rd Listen to a different radio station.
4th Re-order your desktop
5th Change the wallpaper.
6th Use a different browser.
7th Read a blog about a topic that you do not deal otherwise.
8th Ask your colleagues what they would do in your place
9th Go to the market, close your eyes – and smell your surroundings.

This list can be expanded, do it.
Go Fast-Track Gold

When you have just begun with learning the essentials you can speed-up with your qualification if you choose to become Fast-Track Gold. It is easy to become Fast-Track Gold.

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If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate for ask me for help.

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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