Fast-Track to be discontinued June 6th

Important changes in Fast Track

SFI News

Yes, Fast-Track is going away, but don’t fret!…because this is actually a very POSITIVE move!

Here’s why:

As mentioned in recent memos, we have been drilling down deep into our data over the past few months to determine why so many brand new affiliates register and then quickly become inactive.

There is significant evidence that Fast-Track plays a major role in overwhelming new affiliates…and overwhelmed affiliates don’t stick around.  Keep in mind that new affiliates are already dealing with a broad, multifaceted program in SFI to begin with.  Now add in E365 and then Fast-Track on top of that too.  Fast-Track, we believe, is “the straw that breaks the camel’s back.”

We have also determined that many perceive Fast-Track to represent a purchase requirement.  It does not, of course, but many mistakenly see it as such and this has caused great numbers of affiliates to be immediately turned off (especially since they were…

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