PRM = Personal Referred Member

Dear Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new Affiliates who have joined my team recently and longer. You belong
to my Network team and I am glad that we can share our time together. Now – I will explain to you why we must sell to earn commission.

You need customers

Please chose from ‘My Gateways’ any of the referred TripleClicks gateways and
promote these online and offline. Your goal with this promtion is to recruit Triple Clicks customers for you. They will become your ‘high potential’ commission earners. When they buy from you – you

earn 45 % direct commission – FOR LIFE. If they like TripleClicks they will buy more and you earn more. Think about this – say they buy 200 Tcredits (to play the games) for $64.00 – you will

earn $28.80 each time. You can figure out how much you can earn if they buy every two weeks.

How much can you earn if you have 2 or 4 such customers? Only the sky is  the limit.

You don’t sponsor your customers

PRMs are not a member of your downline – the only thing we can do is to give them some small bucks in the form of the Gift Certificates (I suggest $2 or $5). Whenever this PRM redeems your Gift Certificate you begin to earn!!

Promote TripleClicks items

While you promoting TripleClicks items or services (the one you would prefer) you are also trying to recruit new customers. When they like the product you offer, they will buy. They will always come back and buy more!

Make your story exciting. Start your advertising campaign now! Select your gateway and promote,

promote, promote. This is the list of your Gateways:

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate for ask me for help.

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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