The UEFA EURO 2016 is running

Howdy Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new Affiliates who have joined my team recently and longer. You belong
to my Network team and I am glad that we can share our time together. Today I want you to give glance about the UEFA Euro 2016 – the biggest soccer event in Europe this year.

Find your favourite team

From June 10th until July 10th whole Europe is in sports mood. Big partys are schedulled to celebrate the competition. This happens much to the delight of brewers and producers of snacks and sausages.
Football is the most favored sports across the globe. Here I provide you with the official UEFA link: .

Promote Uber-Picks FIFA-EU

With Uber-Picks FIFA-EU we have a nice promotion tool to attract Sports fans around the world to this aweful event. All they have to do is to make predictions: who wins or who loses. It is for fun and entertainment only and it is FREE to join. To participate in the game 1 Tcredit is necessary.

Start your own league

I have started my own league and I still need supporters. If you like football too, just follow this link: – The league password is wBSWep.

You can start your own league too and invite your friends.

I support you here very much, if you have questions. Please refer to my WordPress blog, because only there I can show you how a banner would look.

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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