Hello Entrepreneurs!

Welcome to all new Readers who have found interest in my newsletter recently and longer. You belong to my Network  and I am glad that we can share our time together. This week I will discuss with you about the UNSTOPPABLE contest. My lines are open 24 hours per day!

Read the News (oh boy..)

View the introduction of this highly offered program here: https://news.sfimg.com/2016/07/01/be-unstoppable-in-july/

This competition serves us to embark on a purposeful way. Some os us run their business without a goal in mind to have. But in a business we must pursue goals and we must want to achieve them.

The focus is on WANT!

You want to be successful?
You want to pay off your debt?
You want to build a house?
You want to fly around the world again?
For that we have to do something – otherwise we build castles in the air. We do not live in a land of plenty. Of course you can also be mentally rich – if you beleive in yourself and in God.

Generate the most EA2 PSAs

First enter to be an UNSTOPPABLE AFFILIATE. Just go to the WIN IT tab and enter your name and click! Then the next step is to generate affiliates in your 1st Generation to become EA2.

There are many ideas – you need to read this training article:

I need more Team Leaders

I work every day and I try to keep my position and I work for my personal improvement. But that can be achived only with my team together! I am not living in a nutshell. I am BTL and I want to become STL – the condition is I need 2 BTLS in my 1st generation.

It is easy to become Team Leader now – for BTL you need 3000 Vps

I wish you  all the best for next week!

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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