How to become BTL?

Hello Entrepreneurs,

this week I will discuss with you about the possility to become BTL (=Bronze Team Leader)

Leaders are Readers

View the tab Top Sponsors Leaderboard – June 2016
You will see that those hard workers have the most recognition in SFI and they are playing a big role – as leading examples for all of us.

You can click on each individual and see their badges – you can make A2A with them and then you can have a dialogue with them. Some will help you with tips.

All have begun ‘down’ and have their time used – until they could reach their rank today. It is not possible immediately – but with the time it works – it takes effort, perseverance, concentration and a sense for the business to make it profitable to organize.
You need 3000 Vps plus 5 PSAs

It is not difficult to score 3000 Vps within one month. You can score a part from the daily actions (according your To-Do-List or VP-Ledger) and one part from sales. Tell your 5 PSAs to go for EA2 which will earn you 500 Vps on your first level. Be active every day and promote this business online and offline.

I wish you  all the best for next week!

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz


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