New Affiliate Center Header

This new Affiliate Center is a big improvement

SFI News


Introducing a brand new, redesigned header for the Affiliate Center!


  • Fresh, new modern look.
  • Less clutter.  We’ve removed information that was redundant or located elsewhere (e.g. VP info that’s on the Scoreboard).  We moved a few things as well–such as the official SFI date and time and Sponsor/Upline links–to the footer.
  • Alerts of new SFIM (SFI Instant Messaging) chat messages are now bigger and more prominent in the top right corner.  And the bubble will turn bright green and bounce when someone messages you (click it to join the conversation).  No more should you or your recipients ever miss messages!
  • Alerts of new Inbox (e.g.TeamMail) messages–with a dynamic count on unread messages–have also been prominently positioned in the top right corner for high visibility and easy access.
  • We made search more prominent with a large magnifying glass icon located in the top right corner.  And just to the right of it, we’ve added two…

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