Communication with your TEAM

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all my new SFI PSA and CSA Members.
It may all seem quite overwhelming when you first join SFI.
Today I want to discuss with you the many ways of communication.

Open your doors

First relax and view your downline. You can also view your list of MOVERS. The MOVERS are your best performers and it is wiseful to communicate with them on a regular basis.
You can send eCards to your affiliates if they have reached a certain amount of VersaPoints or if they won on Daily Grand.

Send out a Team Mailer (PSA Mailer and/or CSA Mailer). You can find some templates within the TOOLS’ dropdown menu. Do this at least once per week, but if you have a flash of genius, you can share them with your team. So you can share valuable ideas and insights with your TEAM.

Read the following article from the Training tab:

Pre-write your letter with the help of word-processing program. Then do a spell-check and after you think it is okay, copy and paste the text into the Mailer or E-card.

I am a member of SFI-Inspire on Facebook. You are free to follow this link:

It is a closed group – but we are looking forward to receiving new members who want to discuss with us and have fun.

FORUM is our meeting point

You can also communicate via the FORUM. Ask your questions there and you will see how fast you get an answer – or you can answer questions from others.

I hope you will have a wonderful week.
Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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