TC Gift Cards are now “TCards”

This new TCard is very trendy and useful

SFI News

As you know, we are always working on exciting new projects here at SFI.  One is an initiative to bring popular, name-brand gift cards to TripleClicks.

With a robust gift card program at TripleClicks, we’d be able to take Transfer Buying to a whole new level!  You’d be able to, for example, buy gift cards for your favorite restaurants…and earn VP whenever you dined out.  Likewise for coffee, gasoline, clothing, groceries, and much more.

In short, you could earn all your VP each month–just doing exactly what you do now, by just patronizing all your favorite stores!

Even more VP could be earned when giving gift cards as gifts to friends and family members.  And, of course, even more VP would be earned when your PRMs purchased gift cards from TripleClicks.

In addition to third-party gift cards, we expect to also roll out traditional TripleClicks gift cards, at some point, too.  That is…

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