The new LaunchPad is here!!

The new Launchpad – here you find the answers for business

SFI News

screenshot_1680WHAT’S NEW

  • Simplified, streamlined, and with a fresh new and modern look.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • All lessons have been updated plus lots of new content and topics previously not covered in LaunchPad have been added.
  • More personalized and more customization.
  • The LaunchPad Index now features 11 “core lessons” (chapters) by default.  All but two have “sub-lessons” which may be accessed by opening the “related lessons” panel beside the core lesson. As instructed, ideally, new affiliates should read all the core lessons first, then explore the related lessons.
  • There are currently 11 core lessons, and 50 sub-lessons.  Additional chapters and lessons will be added as needed going forward.
  • It’s no longer 30 lessons over 30 days any more.  Very few followed this guideline anyway, so we’re now recommending that new affiliates review 2-5 lessons a day, as many of the related lessons are brief (though just one a day is fine of course too). In short, everyone should read LaunchPad at a pace they are…

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Update for this week

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to my team – all new and long-year PSAs and CSAs. I have returned from vacation and I am back to my business. How was your summer vacation? You can tell me how it was.
I was in Spain for one week only. But I have enjoyed this time. It was my best week in this year.

How are you running your business?

I recommend you to read every day the SFI News and announcements. This will keep you on track with
all the recent developements and improvement SFI has done for us. The company is always doing a good job. They want that we have a business that is so easy to understand and which can be organized so quickly.

Have you read the new Launchpad? If you ever have read it some months or even years before, read it again and you will be surprised. SFI is the key for the success of all affiliates.

Are you active every day?

This business is your business and you are the only decision maker. You decide by your own how
profitable you can come. Login every day, complete your To-Do-List, score as much VersaPoints as possible. Reach your next rank. Don’t stopp if you become Executive Affiliate. Undertake some steps to become Team Leader. With the rank of a Team Leader you have access to matching Vps. These are VPS you earn from sales and purchases others in your team do.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

It is understandable that the tons of information may overwhelm the one or the other Affiliate of my group. If this comes to you – please develope some personal skills to overcome this. Take a rest, take a walk through the nearbye forest and relax. When you are back to your computer you will see that you have a new power. With this new power you will find new ways you can use in your business.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Duplication boosts your earnings

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to this newsletter. This is what I have written to my downline today.  We are all in the same boat and we all want the same thing: a thrieving business, profitable enough to serve us as a second or even a first income. This business has no magic. We have to make plans and then we have to find ways to fulfill them.

Play the games or make business?

Duplication is the main keyword for boosting your earnings. You can decide if you are a gambler or an entrepreneur.

If you decide being a gambler you have the Eager Zebra Games and/or the Uber-Picks for Sports fans. You can participate in the Pricebender’s auctions.

You only need Tcredits and then you can try to have luck on your side. If it counts-up you win. If not, you still earn VersaPoints.

If you are an entrepreneur you teach other people how to sell and how to promote this business – the same way as you do this. If you have 5 business-interested people in your downline you can be assure that you will also participate as your downline is generating profits through sales.

Develope your own reward system and reward those who perform really good job. SFI helps you in many cases. Gift Cards are the easiest and cheapest way.

Also reassigning Affiliates is a nice motivation booster. Gift-certificates needs to be purchased before
they can be used. It is all in your hands!

Help your downline

Each of us is equipped with enough talent to communicate with others in a way that helps.
The way I’ll help you, my dear Entrepreneur –  just you help your people in your downline.
Always keep those ‘doors of communication’ open – answer any questions your members are
asking you – be their guiding light.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 18th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

TripleClicks is your store

Dear Reader,

welcome to all my new SFI PSA and CSA Members.
It may all seem quite overwhelming when you first join SFI.
Today I want to draw your attention to TripleClicks, because Triple Clicks is your

Purchase from TripleClicks

Many are not aware of the fact, that nearly all the commission comes from sales or purchases made through your TripleClicks connection page.

Please view our Compensation Plan ( and see for yourself why TripleClicks is so important for all of us. You earn 45 % Direct Commission for every sale you or your referred TC Member have generated and 15 % Co-Sponsor Commission for any sale your
CSAs generate.

Benefit from TripleClicks Executive Pool

This benefit is an easy and very lucrative income stream for you as SFI Affiliate. You accumulate Vps and the Pool gives you shares. The more Vps you score – the more you earn throuh this Pool. This benefit will increase as soon as you become Team Leader.

As a Team Leader you earn commissions up to the 12 levels in your downline. That means you earn matching VP on all EA2s .

Before buying locally look into TripleClicks

With that conclusion you should treat TripleClicks as YOUR store with more than 5,878,630 Members from 203 Countries. They sell 90,718 Products. TripleClicks is also the home of 3146 ECAs. ECAs are selling in 139 countries.

There is a giant product diversity – search for the product you like and you will find it. Offer these products online and offline, thus spreading the word. Then think about those side-effects:

If you begin to sell with success – you are going to sponsor future SFI affiliates easier.
You will easier get referrals of TC members (who can become your customers for life)
and on an on.

Only the sky is the limit!

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 18th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!


New personalized JMT Banners!

I have tried out the new banners – haven’t you?

SFI News

If you love using your JMT (Join My Team) gateway, you’re going to love our new JMT banners that you can pair up with your gateway in your advertising and promotions.

Go HERE now to see all five new banners.

What’s special about these new banners is that they are personalized for you!  They automatically include both your name and your account photo!

Here’s a sample banner:

screenshot_1690IMPORTANT TIP: If you’re planning to use the new JMT banner, it would be a great time to get the best photo of yourself uploaded as your SFI account photo.  An image focused on your friendly, smiling face will go a long ways towards attracting new prospects.  A dour, fuzzy, or otherwise non-professional image, conversely, may repel prospects!  Install your new photo HERE.

Learn more about the importance of a great account photo in this new, updated LaunchPad lesson.

Good luck with…

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Join my team

Dear visitor to my blog,

within this blog I explain how SFI works. This blog is open to the public as well as
it does support my Team.

If you are curious about this real business, I invite you to join my team.

You don’t need a special education or a special talent. Just follow the guidlines and have
fun and entertainment while we build the buisiness for you.

There is nothing in the World Wide Web which is comparable to SFI!

I am working with SFI since 2013 and I can tell you the proofed truth.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz




Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 18th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!

Exclusive New SFI Coins!

Bein UNSTOPPABLE is the best

SFI News

Today we are excited to announce a very special new bonus for all affiliates participating in the September 2016 UNSTOPPABLE Contest.  Get full details on the contest HERE.

Develop 3 or more new (first-time) EA2s in September and you’ll automatically win, as a special bonus, one of our exclusive, brand new Unstoppable Affiliate collectable coins!


These handsome, two-sided silver-finish coins simulate fine silver and are made of Nickel-Silver, a heavyweight alloy made of a special blend of nickel, copper and zinc.

Although these coins contain no precious metal, they are bright silver in color, scratch-resistant, non-tarnishing, and very durable. 39 mm (1.54″ diameter), silver dollar size.

Proudly display your coin at your desk, or keep it in your pocket as a constant reminder of your SFI goals.  Your Unstoppable Affiliate coin is also a truly powerful conversation starter and marketing tool.  Hand it to a prospect and watch them get quickly interested in joining…

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