TripleClicks is your store

Dear Reader,

welcome to all my new SFI PSA and CSA Members.
It may all seem quite overwhelming when you first join SFI.
Today I want to draw your attention to TripleClicks, because Triple Clicks is your

Purchase from TripleClicks

Many are not aware of the fact, that nearly all the commission comes from sales or purchases made through your TripleClicks connection page.

Please view our Compensation Plan ( and see for yourself why TripleClicks is so important for all of us. You earn 45 % Direct Commission for every sale you or your referred TC Member have generated and 15 % Co-Sponsor Commission for any sale your
CSAs generate.

Benefit from TripleClicks Executive Pool

This benefit is an easy and very lucrative income stream for you as SFI Affiliate. You accumulate Vps and the Pool gives you shares. The more Vps you score – the more you earn throuh this Pool. This benefit will increase as soon as you become Team Leader.

As a Team Leader you earn commissions up to the 12 levels in your downline. That means you earn matching VP on all EA2s .

Before buying locally look into TripleClicks

With that conclusion you should treat TripleClicks as YOUR store with more than 5,878,630 Members from 203 Countries. They sell 90,718 Products. TripleClicks is also the home of 3146 ECAs. ECAs are selling in 139 countries.

There is a giant product diversity – search for the product you like and you will find it. Offer these products online and offline, thus spreading the word. Then think about those side-effects:

If you begin to sell with success – you are going to sponsor future SFI affiliates easier.
You will easier get referrals of TC members (who can become your customers for life)
and on an on.

Only the sky is the limit!

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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