Duplication boosts your earnings

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to this newsletter. This is what I have written to my downline today.  We are all in the same boat and we all want the same thing: a thrieving business, profitable enough to serve us as a second or even a first income. This business has no magic. We have to make plans and then we have to find ways to fulfill them.

Play the games or make business?

Duplication is the main keyword for boosting your earnings. You can decide if you are a gambler or an entrepreneur.

If you decide being a gambler you have the Eager Zebra Games and/or the Uber-Picks for Sports fans. You can participate in the Pricebender’s auctions.

You only need Tcredits and then you can try to have luck on your side. If it counts-up you win. If not, you still earn VersaPoints.

If you are an entrepreneur you teach other people how to sell and how to promote this business – the same way as you do this. If you have 5 business-interested people in your downline you can be assure that you will also participate as your downline is generating profits through sales.

Develope your own reward system and reward those who perform really good job. SFI helps you in many cases. Gift Cards are the easiest and cheapest way.

Also reassigning Affiliates is a nice motivation booster. Gift-certificates needs to be purchased before
they can be used. It is all in your hands!

Help your downline

Each of us is equipped with enough talent to communicate with others in a way that helps.
The way I’ll help you, my dear Entrepreneur –  just you help your people in your downline.
Always keep those ‘doors of communication’ open – answer any questions your members are
asking you – be their guiding light.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz


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