Update for this week

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to my team – all new and long-year PSAs and CSAs. I have returned from vacation and I am back to my business. How was your summer vacation? You can tell me how it was.
I was in Spain for one week only. But I have enjoyed this time. It was my best week in this year.

How are you running your business?

I recommend you to read every day the SFI News and announcements. This will keep you on track with
all the recent developements and improvement SFI has done for us. The company is always doing a good job. They want that we have a business that is so easy to understand and which can be organized so quickly.

Have you read the new Launchpad? If you ever have read it some months or even years before, read it again and you will be surprised. SFI is the key for the success of all affiliates.

Are you active every day?

This business is your business and you are the only decision maker. You decide by your own how
profitable you can come. Login every day, complete your To-Do-List, score as much VersaPoints as possible. Reach your next rank. Don’t stopp if you become Executive Affiliate. Undertake some steps to become Team Leader. With the rank of a Team Leader you have access to matching Vps. These are VPS you earn from sales and purchases others in your team do.

Don’t feel overwhelmed

It is understandable that the tons of information may overwhelm the one or the other Affiliate of my group. If this comes to you – please develope some personal skills to overcome this. Take a rest, take a walk through the nearbye forest and relax. When you are back to your computer you will see that you have a new power. With this new power you will find new ways you can use in your business.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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