Create your own Co-op

Dear Entrepreneur,

welcome all the new readers of my newsletter.

This business is so excited – because it has a chance for everyone of us. SFI is a powerful company with a high-valued reputation in the World Wide Web. The company knows that  so many people in the world has the potential to tap into this type of online marketing business, with just a Computer and a high-speed internet connection.

As you need a good working downline you need many hundreds of Personal Referred Affiliates. They are the one who will add value to your business. Because for every sale your PSA create you earn 45 % commission. The best item to sell are Tcredits. Why Tcredits?

TCredits are mighty.
You can play Eager Zebra Games
You can participate in Pricebenders Auctions
You can purchase items in TripleClicks store.

Just make your choice and have fun.

TripleClicks is your store!

That is what you should tell to your Affiliates. TripleClicks is your store and you only earn commisson through sales plus your own purchases.

Spread the word

For team growing you need a lot of promotion and the best to save costs is through your own Co-op. Go to tools and select ‘Co-op Manager’ or just click here:

Read also the special message from SFI President, Gery Carson: . Then click on ‘Start a new Co-op’. Give the Co-op a name of your choice and add your affiliates to it. Below the Co-op you can select one or more URLs and run your advertising campaign. You can any time add more Affiliates to the co-op. This is very practical and easy to handle.

You earn 10 Vps one time

If you have not already run your own Co-op you can earn 10 Vps according to the VP-Ledger.

Other methods of growing your team

Promote your business online and offline. Sign one or more shares of S-Builder Co-op. Just go here: – then you will earn 280 Vps and 5 MRPs. You can also buy so called advertising shares. One offer comes from Propofit-Global. 10 PSAs for

$15 guaranteed (you save 89 % off the regular price. If interested go here: and make your choice.
For this purchase you earn 109 VPs and 5 MRPs.


Include S-Builder and advertising share in your Standing Order

Your need to promote regularily – the best is to order them as part of your Standing Order.
This will bring more free time which you can spend with other things.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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