Add more value to your business

Dear Entrepreneur,

welcome to this blog. This business is so excited – because it has a chance for everyone of us. SFI is a powerful company with a high-valued reputation in the World Wide Web. The company knows that there are so many people in the world has the potential to tap into this type of online marketing business, with just a Computer and a high-speed internet connection.

We need connections. The best connections you can have are those with our ECAs.

This side, ECA-Report ( tells you ECAs you can connect with. Then view their store and get an example HOW to create a functional online store.  TripleClicks is your store and our ECAs doing very fine. Promote ECAs and sell their products and  services – you earn 45 % CV direct commissions on any sale you generate.

That is what you should tell to your Affiliates. TripleClicks is your store and you only earn commisson through sales plus your own purchases. I give you an example:

Spread the word

As I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI, I recommend you to view the
nice and beautiful paintings from our ECA ‘Framing Everything’

Art in general can be so nice and it fits in every living-room. Please visit
this ECA. I give you some ideas:

Colors in the Frame –

Planted Key in the Frame –
Cancer, Zodiac Constallation Frame –

Framing Everything comes from Serbia and is an ECA since December 2013.

View their shop page:
Get connected to this ECA now.

Plated Key in the Frame, FREE SHIPPING— $20.00 (Save 19%!)

Plated key in the frame. Dimensions 18 x 14 cm (7.1 x 5.6 in).
Plated Key in the Frame, FREE SHIPPING
Plated key in the frame. Dimensions 18 x 14 cm (7.1 x 5.6 in).

Refer small shops to become ECA to TripleClicks

Do you know the small shop around your corner, where you regularly buy from? Just speak to the owner and recommend them to TripleClicks. Before doing so please study this side: .

With SFI you will become a valued member like one million affiliates.
SFI is the fastest growing company of is kind in the world today!

Real Internet Income with a proven system showing people how to

build profitable Internet business from home.

Your need to promote regularly. Use your own homepage, your own blog or Social Media.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

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