Your store is

Hello Entrepreneurs,
did you know that every SFI Affiliate is an owner of an online store? Yes, that is true and this is what makes it great, being involved with SFI. So, if you read this and you are
still unaware about SFI, I recommend you to join SFI right now. Just follow this link: . But please come back, after you have signed-in.

Visit your store every day

You can view the ‘Deal of the Day’ or you can view the item that you would like. Read the product’s details and use the SFI Toolbox. Here you can see links for promotion. You can also create a Banner, add the item to a new Collection and Print a Flyer.

At a glance you can see the item’s value for VersaPoints, Commission Volume, Direct Commission,

TC Executive Pool and Co-Sponsor Commission.

Beneath the SFI Toolbox you can add the item to your wishlist. With Share & Win you can copy the  url (www.gotclicks) and paste it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler.

Team-Growing resources at

When you just started your new online business, it is vital to see for business related items in your store. There are new items available, especially for SFI Affiliates. Just give the SFI department a review and find what you were looking for:

Attract your audiences for Pricebender’s Penny Auctions
With our auctions customer can save real money. They need Tcredits for participation.
Therefore it is a good idea to give some Tcredits to new customers or to new Affiliates, who just need some help to get started .
Please visit Pricebenders here:

Be involved

You must be actively involved in your business on a daily basis. And not just logging into the SFI Homepage and doing your To-do List. You must be actively recruiting for new members both PSAs and PRMs. Try anything and everything you can to make your business successful. It is POSSIBLE.


Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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