Hello Entrereneur,

welcome to my weekly Nesletter. SFI is a fastgrowing Company and it is already in it’s 19th year.  The company’s aim is to help people to develop skills in order to establish a successful online business.

Have faith and hope

Make it as your routine every day to visit your SFI homepage and complete daily actions:
go through your To-Do-List, then spread the word. Promote your business. The best is to have a blog where you can feature items and services from TripleClicks, Pricebender and Eager Zebra Games. Invite friends, sisters, parents and classmates.

Be patient – success is certain

Money does not grow on trees and does not fall down – like rotten fruits.
But like a tree – the business grows. It sometimes takes a while before the first fruits are ripe enough to be harvested.

Find enough people

Get used to the fact that it takes a lot of effort, time and also some money to build up a good team, which gladly and willingly bring in. This business is human because we help people become successful. Is not this just a good idea? It is here – with help and support from SFI.

I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI

When you have just begun with learning the essentials you can speed-up with your qualification.

Just purchase the attractive NMP (New Member Pack) under the following link: and save $50.50 . Don’t wait too long, because this package is only available for your first 10 days as a TripleClicks member.

If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate for ask me for help. You are invited to respond to this blog.

Aim high – Dream big

Friedrich Fritz

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