Penny Auctions at Pricebenders

Welcome Entrepreneurs,
chose Pricebenders for your auctions.

Regard bidding as your chance

There are many auctions during the day and there are many valuable items. Just see to have enough Tcredits and start bidding. Read the rules and policies first, before you start. With every bid as an SFI Affiliate you earn 1 VP plus 5 MRPs (if double MRP is featured you win 10 MRPs) and if you win the Tcredits used will be rolled back to you.

View the Latest Winners

On this page you can view what the latest winners have won and how much they have payed for the auctioned item. The fact is: Pricebender is trustworthy and they are real.

Tools in Marketing Center

SFI Affiliates can chose promoting tools in the Marketing Center for Pricebenders. There are 14 Marketing Aids: Banners, Splash Pages, Car Magnets, Text Ads, just to name a few.

Have a nice week and be prepared for Christmas!


Friedrich Fritz


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