Network Marketing is not a lottery

Hello Entrepreneurs,

this letter has been sent to my PSAs who have signed in during the last 30 days:

I see that some of you are doing a great job:
they login everyday and complete daily actions.
However there are monthly and weekly actions to do, too.
In order to see them consult your VP-Ledger (

Complete these actions!

I also see that some others have joined SFI and then kicked off.

They did not understand the program, or they feel boring, I don’t know. But this is the way in Network Marketing:
Either you are part of the net or you aren’t!

Do you have doubts?

a) Doubts about SFI?
b) Doubts about me as your sponsor?
c) Doubts about yourself?

Refer to a): With SFI you will become a valued member like one million affiliates. SFI is the fastest growing company of is kind in the world today!

Refer to b): I works in my 3rd year with SFI and the way is not always straight uphill. This is true.
Refer to c): Look in a mirror and ask yourself: Can I do it?

Look yourself in your eyes and smile. Then wait until next day.

What are your thoughts?

As I mentioned above: Network Marketing is NOT a Lottery and you
must work hard every day in order to see some success.

I cannot have success if you don’t have success.
That is true, my success depends on your success and your success depends from the success of your network.

If you don’t understand the system I invite you to view SFI Basics:

Best wishes for Christmas and happy New Year!


Friedrich Fritz

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