Do you think it is too complicated?

Dear Entrepreneurs,
every week I write my newsletter to my entire downline. This newsletter is the last one for this year.

I hope you are all in a best condition,
that you are healthy and that you do some sports every day. This is important because, if

you do exercises on a regular basis you will have more energy for your business and other
things also.

It is never good to stay all the time in front of your computer and try this Network Marketing Business. The daily time I spent with it is about 1 to 2 hours per day – not more. I do my daily exercises in the afternoon for 1 or 2 hours, too.

Some say or think that SFI may be too complicated. But this is in no way the case. It needs some time until you fully understand all the things you need to know.

Find any solution in the LaunchPad

If you think that you cannot understand and apply what is so essential here, I recommend to read and learn from LaunchPad. It is just a mouseclick away on your SFI Homepage. Just click on that little ‘Rocket’ in the right upper corner. Please start at the Getting Started Training.

The LaunchPad Index features 11 ‘core lessons'(chapters). If you are new to SFI – please start to read all the core lessons first. Just read 2-5 lessons per day and find your way to du it as comfortable as you want. If you already a sponsor of one or more Affiliates recommend them also to read the LaunchPad before they start with the business.

When you are comfortable enough with the 11 core lessons you can further begin reading the ‘sub-lessons’ which are accessed by opening the ‘related lessons’.

Make notes on a sheet of paper and apply what you have learned. That is the best way to begin earning commission. Promote this business, play the games, participate in the auctions.

Best regards

Friedrich Fritz

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