This business is different

Dear Entrepreneur,

welcome to read my newsletter. This is my first one to my team of this year and I want to welcome all the new PSAs and CSAs who have joined my group. For me it is now my fifth year in SFI.

Please urgently login every day and read the SFI news and visit the Forum. If you have something to ask or if you have suggestions, you can write in in the Forum. Everbody is welcomed there. You will see how people are offering their help.

Some say or think that SFI may be too complicated. But this is in no way the case. It needs some time until you fully understand all the things you need to know.

Have a Standing Order

The easiest way to receive easily those 1500 VersaPoints (for qualification as Executive Affiliate) would be to have your Standing Order. You can choose this service through your TripleClicks store. Make your purchase of the recommended 125 Tcredits and you receive 1500 Vps automatically.

Don’t stop when you reach EA rank. This business is designed to develope Team Leaders. It is a people-to-people business. Recruit people in your surroundings who follow you on the way of success.

Best wishes for you and take anything easy. Have your mind positive and you are invited to join my group by following the link below.


Join me, Friedrich Fritz, and I’ll personally help you build a second income with top rated SFI—now in its 19th year! Click here to join my team and get started FREE today!


Friedrich Fritz

I am back to office

Hello Entrepreneurs ,
well – it is reality – I am back from vacation and
I am glad to work in this business.

It is important that everyone needs a vacation.
A week or two off can multiply the power when you
return to this serious Network Marketing.

I have spent one week in Austria in the snow and there was
nice sun, also. However the temperatures were very low.

My downline have done a great job as they have worked
very hard and they have made good results. Some of them have new PSAs and some have reached EA status. One of my PSAs even qualified as BTL.

Further (concerning CSAs) 3 CSAs have entered qualification as BTL and one have requalified as EA2.

Please never give up –  spread the word – promote this business and grow your team. Give kudos to those who are working hard and
have results.

Best regards
Friedrich Fritz

Standing Orders redefined

A standing order is very useful – if you want to be successful

SFI News

In an effort to simplify and improve SFI’s Standing Order program, we are redefining the definition of a Standing Order.

Effective February 1, 2017, the new term you need to become familiar with is Standing Order Qualified (or SOQ for short).

Payment by cash

To be SOQ simply means that you have placed one or more orders with a minimum of 1500 VP for the current month AND also in the previous month.

Your orders can be those set to reoccur automatically each month (via the Standing Order Manager) or they can just be placed manually at any time throughout the month.  Any combination.

Note: Alternately, you can achieve SOQ status immediately with a minimum of 3000 VP in orders in the current month.

We are also greatly expanding payment options.  You can now pay for your orders with:

  • Credit card or debit card (including TC Payoneer MasterCard)
  • Paypal
  • SFI Account funds
  • TC Account funds
  • TCurrency
  • Money Order
  • Cashiers Check
  • Personal Check (United…

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Spotlight Merchant Directory is here!

These are the new chances for the new Year

SFI News

Today we are excited to reveal the first of THREE big announcements for the new year.

Back on December 7th we introduced you to the Spotlight Merchants program and our first merchant (Fat Brain Toys).  Today we’re introducing 27 additional merchants to the program, representing thousands of great new products in over a dozen different categories!


Spotlight Merchants are online sellers from around the world that we’ve hand-picked for our affiliates.  To browse these new merchants and products, we are debuting today our SPOTLIGHT MERCHANTS DIRECTORY at TripleClicks.

In the directory, each merchant has his/her own panel, that looks like these:


As you can see, each panel provides great at-a-glance information.  Plus, you can designate your favorite merchants by clicking on the heart icons to make repeat shopping trips even easier.

Clicking the blue “SHOP” button will open the merchant’s website in a new window—ready for you to start shopping.

The “VP Gauge” icon gives…

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2017 New Years Message from Gery

We are all also humbled by what SFI has done and will do for us!

SFI News


To: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s with great excitement that I get to address you here on this first day of the new year…2017!  I LOVE the start of each new year, because it’s such a great opportunity to “hit the reset button” and start fresh, with a new list of goals and resolutions, and with renewed vigor and energy.

Happy New Year 2017 background template.

But before we move onto and start talking about what’s in store for 2017, let’s (briefly) give 2016 it’s due!  In 2016 MUCH (and I mean MUCH) was accomplished and achieved.  Following is a list of just some of our 2016 additions and improvements:

Tip: If you’ve been with SFI for less than a year (or just need a refresher), this is a great list to go through, to make sure you’re taking advantage of our newest features and programs.

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