2017 New Years Message from Gery

We are all also humbled by what SFI has done and will do for us!

SFI News


To: All SFI affiliates
From: Gery Carson

HAPPY NEW YEAR!  It’s with great excitement that I get to address you here on this first day of the new year…2017!  I LOVE the start of each new year, because it’s such a great opportunity to “hit the reset button” and start fresh, with a new list of goals and resolutions, and with renewed vigor and energy.

Happy New Year 2017 background template.

But before we move onto and start talking about what’s in store for 2017, let’s (briefly) give 2016 it’s due!  In 2016 MUCH (and I mean MUCH) was accomplished and achieved.  Following is a list of just some of our 2016 additions and improvements:

Tip: If you’ve been with SFI for less than a year (or just need a refresher), this is a great list to go through, to make sure you’re taking advantage of our newest features and programs.

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