Update for this week

Hello Entrepreneurs,

how are you?  Also sick of this cold winter weather?

Therefore – read something new today. This is my new newsletter I have written to my
entire group of Affiliates.

As I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI, I recommend you to view William’s thread in the Forum, title is Swimming, Drowning, or Treading Water? – You can access to it by clicking this link: https://www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=79470

Think the WWW is a giant water pool and we all have to keep our head up.

This can also give you another idea, what good tips our Forum can bring you if you only visit it every day.

Spread the word

It is not enough to work through the daily To-Do-List – you need to promote this business. The tools you can find in the Marketing Centre can be very useful and also those Gateways will bring you results – if you use them.

Use different key-codes when using the Gateways. That makes it easy to see if your campaign is successful or not.

Have a nice week to follow.

Friedrich Fritz

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