Dear Entrepreneurs!

It is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI, I recommend you to try out the recent new improvements conducted by SFI.
There have been a lot of them since January and I think this is not ‘the end of the tunnel’.

We have New Eager Zebra Game ‘Grandmaster Poker’, ‘Icebreakers’, Executive Affiliate rank upgrade and many more. I feel a bit overwhelmed with all the new things and I think and understand if you fell likewise.

What can we do? I think the best thing is to concentrate on our business. The commissions are a result of our sales and our main focus should always be SELLING.

We can play the games and we can market the games. It is our business and we have TripleClicks as the one and only Marketing-Platform – which is amazing and when we use the right Marketing methods we can (after some time) see results.

The same is with ECA products: we can buy them for our own needs and we can market them. We can and should connect with the ECAs in our area and then make business with them. We can then try out what we like most and we can rate this item. We can use the ECA’s link to promote on social Media and/or in our blog.

We need to build our group – with this in mind we are looking every day for new business partners.  Therefore we need to market ourselves – we have the Gateways and the tools from the Marketing centre. Nobody knows or tells us how many PSAs and CSAs we should have in our Genealogy until we think we have enough.

We need to set GOALS and then we need to have a plan on how to hit them within a given periode of time and also within the limits of our personal budget.

This is our daily habit

It is true – not every day is the same day and people change often more as we can predict. There are many circumstances we can’t forecast, but they are always crossing the lines of our limits. Then we have failures and no results. As we are entrepreneurs with goals we know that this happens and

breath through not only one time – we start with a new mood and everything gets pretty.

Never give up and bring your business to the next level. Have a nice week.


Friedrich Fritz

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