Support your downline

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am the sponsor of my group you should know, that I do really care for any individual who
is committed to this business. The business is yours and you take all the decisions that can make this
business profitable or not. As long as you spend your time and (in some cases) some investment as long
you need nothing to fear.

You are VIP – Very Important Person

We are working in a group and we have in common that we are commercially involved – I provide you with tips you can follow and you are the one and only who brings this business into life.

It is not a welfare organisation, where we spend our time and money for nothing. You have your downline, too. You are responsible for what your group does or not does. Therefore you should do the same work with your group as I do with you. Grow your new PSAs and give them all your assistance I give to you..

Every action counts
Never give up your daily login and to complete the daily Actions first and then focus on the promotion and on recruiting new people to your group. Have a nice week. Play the games and if you don’t have enough Tcredits make a purchase. This earns you VersaPoints and MRPs (Member Reward Points).


Friedrich Fritz

New Reassignment Rules

We help others to become successful- Yes we do!

SFI News

As discussed in our Opti-Build announcement, to maximize Opti-Build’s power and impact for your group, restructuring your first level by the end of March may be in order.

First, though, let’s affirm again:

“The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Let this key principle guide you as you consider your restructuring strategy!


Now, if you’re relatively new to SFI and/or have five or less Team Leaders on your first level, you probably do not need to do much or any restructuring.  But if you DO have more than five Team Leaders, pay very careful attention to the following information.

First, understand that everyone can have no more than five DDs (Designated Diamonds).  And being a DD is a requirement for participating in Opti-Build.  Therefore, if you have more than five Team Leaders, you’re going to have Team Leaders that are not allowed to participate in Opti-Build…

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Communication is your key

Hello Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

Always open your doors of communication. If you communicate you sent a positive mind to your whole group.
Your group will see that you are there to give tips, professional guide and motivation. Do this on a regular basis,
let us say once per week.

View your MOVERS

In the MOVERS tab you see all those who are working. These are the diamonds of your business. Look at those who have forgotten to login every day – sent them an E-card or invite them to have a chat with you. Use the new Icebreaker tool for the new PSAs – make a date and be there.

The same is with those MOVERS who’s VersaPoints are climbing daily – praise them and give kudos to them (kudos can be: TC Gift-Certificates, Tcredits, Re-Assignments).

Take care of your Leadership Page
Your Leadership Page can be accessed through: . If you did not set it up – do it now.
This is your official business card for your SFI business. It is not so difficult to do. Read some
information about it in SFI data base.
Have a nice week.

Friedrich Fritz

How ‘Opti-Build’ can work for us

Hello Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

With an entrepreneurial approach to business, I am very comfortable with what
SFI has announced with the ‘Opti-Build’ program. If you would read the information
and understand it I guess you will be as much excited as myself. The excitement in what
we do is always important.

Funnel the energy

Energy is the power which can be so much helpful for us – and this without losing too much time and which does not need to overstress the monthly budget, if we put more confidence in ourselves into the business. They are synergistic energy effects which will come along if we are open to new changes and – ofcourse open to new people we invite to work with us.

Our genealogies will grow once the program will start in April and as this happens your business will grow, too. Therefore never give up to promote business and to invite others to be part of it.

Focus on Team Leader rank
As long as we recruit new people so long will your downlines feed the flow – it is fantastic.
Concentrate on becoming Bronze Team Leader and then these synergistic energy will work until we are all Platin Team Leaders.

This is duplication and SFI drive business to your whole team. Think about that. Have a nice week.

Friedrich Fritz


The best program for group building

SFI News

Alphabet Rainbow Lights  Glitter with Sparkles“Build optimally!”

For years we’ve been extolling the benefits of building a “5×5” organization (5 affiliates on your first generation, 25 on your second generation, 125 on your third, 625 on your fourth, and so on), as outlined in SFI’s Diamond Plan.

And while some affiliates use The Diamond Plan as a guide, many use a more haphazard approach to their business, which is often ineffective.

So, today, we are extremely excited to reveal a program that not only actively and directly helps you build a powerful and lucrative 5×5 team, but also every member of your team, too!  This is because Opti-Build™ directly harnesses the synergistic energy of real teamwork and funnels this energy in a way that can make your SFI business explode with growth.

The power of Opti-Build starts with a policy change on Designated Diamonds.  Effective immediately, SFI now designates all DDs (Designated…

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Let us Co-op

Dear Entrepreneur,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am a proud entrepreneur in SFI, I recommend you to vew the SFK Co-op Manager.
It is below TOOLS – and belongs to Team Building.

We need a team

You know advertising our business is a must in this business – if you don’t advertise you hardly will get sign-ups. In order to save advertising costs we have the possiblity for co-opting. In TripleClicks you can sign one or more share of S-Builder Co-op (item – here it is SFI who does the advertising and you will receive sign-ups automatically.

Besides this S-Builder Co-op we can have our own Co-op. Start your co-op and the menue will guide you through the process – it is easy. You do the Co-op with your downline. Add them to the Co-op. Use the Co-op URLs for your promotion.

My special offer
In order to save advertising costs I have a Co-op running and new sign-ups are coming in randomly until the participants have their numbers of sign-ups fullfilled. For new Affiliates it is free. But I have to think to share the costs for all Affiliates.

I am willing to split the cost of S-Builder units with my downline. Theyb uy one unit or more and after purchase they sent me a copy of the receipt and their PayPal address. Then, I will reimbourse of what they have paid via PayPal. This is called Co-oping the co-op. For more details read the article: .

They can make this offer to their own downline, too. This is duplication and Affiliates  drive business to their whole team. Think about that.

Friedrich Fritz


Getting clear…on Auto-Deliveries

Good – if you need it always

SFI News

With the “flurry” of changes over the past few weeks pertaining to purchases at TripleClicks—specifically: Auto-Delivery orders (previously Standing Orders) and the new Booster Club and Booster Club Qualified (BCQ) term replacing the previous SOQ term, we thought it would be a good idea to clarify the rules for Auto-Deliveries.

What has changed:

  1. To receive the Auto-Delivery discounted price of any item, you need to order the item for immediate processing AND set it up for Auto-Delivery for subsequent months.  That’s it.  There is no tie-in with the Booster Club or anything else.  If you want the Auto-Delivery discount, you need to set it up for automatic monthly delivery (and place an order for a “now” delivery).
  2. Accepted payment methods for Auto-Delivery orders are limited to Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, SFI Account funds, and TCurrency. Note: On orders using TCurrency, we are using a “3 strikes and you’re out” policy.  That is, if you set up an Auto-Delivery using TCurrency as the payment method and you…

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February’s Zackjack Top 10!

Play Zackjack – every day – it makes fun

SFI News

CONGRATULATIONS to Zackjack’s top 10 scorers for February 2017!

  1. bhcadiabihgafeinNishikant Panke (315319)
  2. Snezana Mikic (304890)
  3. Jackie Foster (303917)
  4. Johan Vos (301362)
  5. Nenad Arsic (300964)
  6. Zoran Zamiš (299426)
  7. Mille Rakusic (299211)
  8. Marko Dimčić (297825)
  9. Yuliafarta Agusti (293897)
  10. Lejla Civcic (292274)

Each of the above 10 winners will be receiving our exclusive new Eager Zebra Zackjack CHAMPION t-shirt (shown at right)!

Note: The winning scores shown (in parenthesis) above represent 5% of the actual Prize Points scored.  To calculate actual points scored, multiple the number shown by 20.  Why not show 100%?  Because the numbers become too big to display properly on the leaderboard!

logo-EagerZebraComHaven’t played Zackjack yet?

Play for FREE as many times as you want daily to win this exclusive t-shirt and other great prizes.  Exciting league play with your friends and SFI team members is also available!

Play Zackjack HERE

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