How ‘Opti-Build’ can work for us

Hello Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

With an entrepreneurial approach to business, I am very comfortable with what
SFI has announced with the ‘Opti-Build’ program. If you would read the information
and understand it I guess you will be as much excited as myself. The excitement in what
we do is always important.

Funnel the energy

Energy is the power which can be so much helpful for us – and this without losing too much time and which does not need to overstress the monthly budget, if we put more confidence in ourselves into the business. They are synergistic energy effects which will come along if we are open to new changes and – ofcourse open to new people we invite to work with us.

Our genealogies will grow once the program will start in April and as this happens your business will grow, too. Therefore never give up to promote business and to invite others to be part of it.

Focus on Team Leader rank
As long as we recruit new people so long will your downlines feed the flow – it is fantastic.
Concentrate on becoming Bronze Team Leader and then these synergistic energy will work until we are all Platin Team Leaders.

This is duplication and SFI drive business to your whole team. Think about that. Have a nice week.

Friedrich Fritz

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