Communication is your key

Hello Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

Always open your doors of communication. If you communicate you sent a positive mind to your whole group.
Your group will see that you are there to give tips, professional guide and motivation. Do this on a regular basis,
let us say once per week.

View your MOVERS

In the MOVERS tab you see all those who are working. These are the diamonds of your business. Look at those who have forgotten to login every day – sent them an E-card or invite them to have a chat with you. Use the new Icebreaker tool for the new PSAs – make a date and be there.

The same is with those MOVERS who’s VersaPoints are climbing daily – praise them and give kudos to them (kudos can be: TC Gift-Certificates, Tcredits, Re-Assignments).

Take care of your Leadership Page
Your Leadership Page can be accessed through: . If you did not set it up – do it now.
This is your official business card for your SFI business. It is not so difficult to do. Read some
information about it in SFI data base.
Have a nice week.

Friedrich Fritz

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