New Reassignment Rules

We help others to become successful- Yes we do!

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As discussed in our Opti-Build announcement, to maximize Opti-Build’s power and impact for your group, restructuring your first level by the end of March may be in order.

First, though, let’s affirm again:

“The best way to build a highly successful business in SFI is to help those in your team become successful.”

Let this key principle guide you as you consider your restructuring strategy!


Now, if you’re relatively new to SFI and/or have five or less Team Leaders on your first level, you probably do not need to do much or any restructuring.  But if you DO have more than five Team Leaders, pay very careful attention to the following information.

First, understand that everyone can have no more than five DDs (Designated Diamonds).  And being a DD is a requirement for participating in Opti-Build.  Therefore, if you have more than five Team Leaders, you’re going to have Team Leaders that are not allowed to participate in Opti-Build…

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