Support your downline

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week and I hope you are all well.

As I am the sponsor of my group you should know, that I do really care for any individual who
is committed to this business. The business is yours and you take all the decisions that can make this
business profitable or not. As long as you spend your time and (in some cases) some investment as long
you need nothing to fear.

You are VIP – Very Important Person

We are working in a group and we have in common that we are commercially involved – I provide you with tips you can follow and you are the one and only who brings this business into life.

It is not a welfare organisation, where we spend our time and money for nothing. You have your downline, too. You are responsible for what your group does or not does. Therefore you should do the same work with your group as I do with you. Grow your new PSAs and give them all your assistance I give to you..

Every action counts
Never give up your daily login and to complete the daily Actions first and then focus on the promotion and on recruiting new people to your group. Have a nice week. Play the games and if you don’t have enough Tcredits make a purchase. This earns you VersaPoints and MRPs (Member Reward Points).


Friedrich Fritz

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