Make your GOALS

Hello Entreprenuers, it is the last day in April and we are looking forward too what May will bring. Today I want to talk about GOALS. Every new month this question is raised through SFI: Set your goals for the new month. They should be realistic: How many PSA do you plan to recruite? How … More Make your GOALS

Welcome Diamonds

Dear Entrepreneurs, it is a brand new week in a new month and I hope you are all well. As announced by SFI Opti-Build has started. The big ‘O’ is there. And today I have agreed to dedicate 100 % of my PSAs to this program. I want that all of my first generation in … More Welcome Diamonds

Opti-Build™ has arrived!

Originally posted on SFI News:
Today, the first day of April 2017, we start a new chapter in SFI, with Opti-Build now assisting thousands to “build optimally” and empowering them to automatically follow The Diamond Plan. In case you missed the Opti-Build announcement, you can get all the details HERE, but the basics are simply this: For years we’ve been extolling…