The Forum impressed

Dear Entrepreneurs,

it is a brand new week in a new month and I hope you are all well.

Today we celebrate Easter holidays and I wish you all big eggs in the basket.
Recently I have recommend to you the Forum and I will share with you the thread
by Peter Osa from Nigeria. This thread has impressed me so much that want to
share it with you. Please read the whole thread here:

Money matters- but not always

We are a people-to-people business. We make friends and we find TripleClicks and the games interesting. This makes it easy to get in touch with others. It is very social.

It expands our horizon because we can communicate with all people from all over the world. This does not even manage Facebook & co, that so many people from so many countries get to one place.

The money is only a beneficial side effect. It comes in automatically if we sell the services and products and if we do our daily, monthly and weekly actions.

Today and tomorrow are celebration days. I will begin the celebration now and I wish you all the best for the next week. Until then.


Friedrich Fritz

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