Make your GOALS

Hello Entreprenuers,

it is the last day in April and we are looking forward too what May will bring.

Today I want to talk about GOALS. Every new month this question is raised through SFI:
Set your goals for the new month. They should be realistic:

How many PSA do you plan to recruite?
How many of them would you make to become Executive Affiliate?
How many PRMs will you receive through promotion?
How much do you want to sell?
What rank will you reach in the following boards:
VersaPoint Leaderboard
Power Rank Leaderboard (overall)

Power Rank Leaderboard (country position)
Power Rank Leaderboard (class position {E365})
DistribuSTAR Leaderboard (coming through TC Giftcards)
Daily VP Streak Leaderboard position

Once you have set your goals, it will be easier for you to achieve these goals. This is, of course, and based on this template, you work it out day by day. Until you have achieved these goals.

If you are below the target, adjust your goals or look for another strategy. It’s all up to each of you, how and what you do. It’s your business.

I wish you all,  that you reach your goals (as planned) and if possible beyond.


Have a good start in May!

Best Regards

Friedrich Fritz


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