Fun and entertainment

Hello Entrepreneurs,

welcome to all new and elder readers.  This letter will let you know that we must communicate with our downline at least once per week. It is a business and you need communication in order to show these people that you work for them as an leading example.

You do your daily actions and you play the Eager Zebra games. You can invite your downline to play with you – set-up your own league. Did you know that you can have your own league?

I tell you how it works: First read the lesson in Launchpad:

There are over one Billion people worldwide play games regularily. There are sports leagues and non-sports leagues. Further continue to read

I invite you to join my league FIFA EU SOCCER which is already run for over a year now.

Please go here to get instant access: . You need a league password – it is wBSWep.

Have another exciting week.

Best Regards

Friedrich Fritz

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