The importance of VersaPoints

Dear Entrepreneurs,
welcome to all new readers and readers are leaders.

Many, many Affiliates (old ones and new ones) don’t know the importance of VersaPoints.

VersaPoints are the most important part of our monthly commission. The more VersaPoints everybody scores the more commission she/he will earn. You can earn VersaPoints from almost every action you complete.

There are Daily actions, monthly and weekly actions. You can view your VP Ledger on how many VersaPoints each action can bring. Beside these actions there are various other actions where you get some VersaPoints.

Playing Eager Zebra Games (Card King, Grandmaster Poker, Gold Streak, Uber-Picks, Knockout Trivia, Time Machine, PTP) participating in the Pricebender’s auctions.

Did you know that you earn 1 VP per bid from the auctions and the maximum are 1000 Vps per month? Further we have Spin&Win, DistribuSTAR Drawing, Tcard distributions.

We still have three days left – it is still enough time to bring your VersaPoints for May to the maximum.

Have another exciting week.

Best Regards

Friedrich Fritz

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