Communication is the key

Hello Entrepreneurs,

many, many Affiliates (old ones and new ones) don’t care enough about their downline. You should know that your Affiliates are your business partners.
If you don’t communicate nobody will know their sponsor.

The best way to communicate with your downline is whatever works for you. There are numerous ways that SFI has built into the system. You could do the following:

1. Send an email to your affiliate when you want to communicate directly with just that affiliate. However, you can do that using the Communications Manager built into SFI.

2. Send eCards to your affiliates when you want to communicate with one and congratulate him/her on reaching a goal or perhaps to wish the affiliate a happy birthday or send some other message.

3. Use the messaging feature available on every page and also available in the Affiliate Snapshot and Movers and Genealogy. That is also good for individual affiliates.

4. Use the Genealogy Team Mail to send out messages to all your team or to whichever combinations of groups you would like.

5. Send messages in the Stream to all your affiliates.

6. Communicate through the Forum.

You could telephone affiliates in your area that you sponsor. I wouldn’t do that in the case of affiliates in very long distances where cost is very high.

My own preference is to contact affiliates through the PSA Mailer, the CSA Mailer and the Communications Manager at the SFI Affiliate Center or the Stream. That way, if something goes wrong with the affiliate’s email address, you can still contact him/her. That is why these tools are provided. This should be very helpful to you.

Have another exciting week.



Best Regards

Friedrich Fritz

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